With LityxIQ, organizations large and small are producing advanced analytic results faster, more affordably, and with better results than other available options.

Service Partners

Service Partners work with Lityx on behalf of their clients to leverage Lityx expertise and software tools to improve their client’s marketing results.

Software OEM Partners

Software vendors who benefit by enhancing their offering with advanced analytics are often faced with a “build, buy, or partner” decision. Partnering with Lityx can be a cost effective way to incorporate advanced analytics capabilities.

Referral Partners

This relationship provides a shared path to business growth through referral of existing clients or prospects. Lityx offers two levels of compensation depending on the level of involvement the partner has in the sales process.

Current Partners

Together, Valassis and Lityx enhance marketer confidence through a full-suite of planning, delivery and measurement tools to support campaign optimization by combining Lityx’s proprietary cloud-hosted platform with Valassis’ intelligent media solutions.

To assist you with the effective use of process management in marketing/sales, Customer Manufacturing Group consultants are highly experienced business professionals who have spent years working in industry prior to joining our team.

An integrated team of designers, developers, mathematicians, and media and marketing analytics experts with years’ experience developing marketing intelligence technology. We understand the unique needs of a marketing organization, and approach your business with passion, flexibility, and innovation.

Staupell helps nonprofits enhance performance through custom analytics, flexible training, improved business intelligence, and increased efficiency in data processing. The most successful nonprofits rely on consistent, clear access to essential data.

If you would like to explore how Lityx and your company may be able to collaborate, please contact us.

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