Your clients demand results from their data. With LityxIQ, you’ll deliver predictive insights and optimization for their most critical business decisions. As a Lityx Partner, you’re positioned to drive additional revenue quickly while deepening long-term client relationships.

Referral Partners

As a leader and influencer in your industry, you know the many ways to add value for your clients. As a referrer to Lityx, you’ll be providing trusted introductions that have a positive impact on your clients’ business, as well as your own. With an understanding of Lityx solutions and services, Referral Partners directly connect clients to Lityx, and optionally help close the sale. Whether you’re an enterprise integrator or consultant, or a smaller firm seeking continuous improvement to your client relationships, LityxIQ provides the reliability and results at a cost that delivers returns quickly for your most important clients

Co-Marketing Partners

At Lityx, we believe in the power of collaboration, and have designed a program for Co-Marketing Partners to create joint solutions that solve specific industry problems. As a Co-Marketing Partner, your company and Lityx work side-by-side on marketing, sales, and solutions implementation. With both companies at the table, everyone benefits – especially the clients

Value-Added Resellers (VAR)

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) develop targeted, repeatable solutions built on the LityxIQ Platform, or support their more advanced clients who are ready to create their own AI and machine learning solutions. VARs are trained and authorized to represent and resell LityxIQ and Lityx solution services. Armed with your own expertise and the LityxIQ platform, VARs are empowered to lead client sales and relationship management, including lead generation, pre-sales, implementation, and first-level support.

Additional Opportunities for Consultants/Integrators

To strengthen client connections and identify additional revenue opportunities, Lityx also offers discounted license pricing to Partners who use LityxIQ themselves. You may use LityxIQ to deliver client projects or managed analytics services, which may require more than one instance of LityxIQ to support complex requirements across multiple clients. For these scenarios, we can offer a 20% license discount after the first instance of LityxIQ.

Current Partners

Together, Valassis and Lityx enhance marketer confidence through a full-suite of planning, delivery and measurement tools to support campaign optimization by combining Lityx’s proprietary cloud-hosted platform with Valassis’ intelligent media solutions.

To assist you with the effective use of process management in marketing/sales, Customer Manufacturing Group consultants are highly experienced business professionals who have spent years working in industry prior to joining our team.

An integrated team of designers, developers, mathematicians, and media and marketing analytics experts with years’ experience developing marketing intelligence technology. We understand the unique needs of a marketing organization, and approach your business with passion, flexibility, and innovation.

Staupell helps nonprofits enhance performance through custom analytics, flexible training, improved business intelligence, and increased efficiency in data processing. The most successful nonprofits rely on consistent, clear access to essential data.


Bowman & Partners is in the business of helping companies acquire, retain and grow a more profitable customer base, by utilizing our approach of leveraging customer insight to optimize marketing communications driving to higher customer value, engagement and loyalty.


Expand your sales opportunities through a partnership with Lityx. Contact us today to turn the power of LityxIQ into ROI for you and your clients.

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