Demystifying AI, Understanding the Fragmented Shopper, Boosting NonProfit Donor Engagement Through Data

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we’ve collected articles that encourage us to demystify, understand, and better apply AI through experimentation. We look at ways to understand the fragmented nature of shoppers today and develop audience-centric marketing to create relevant experiences. We take this a step further and look at a new panel that will comprehensively track the non-linear path to purchase, toggling between …

Machine Learning & AI Shortcomings, Predictive Analytics in Sales & Marketing, the 2019 State of Fundraising

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we’ve gathered articles that touch on some of the shortcomings of Machine Learning and AI, and discuss what needs to happen in the future. We learn about the possibilities of data-driven Digital Out-of-Home advertising and we take a look at the state of fundraising for the year. And finally, we share why predictive analytics and machine learning are …

3 Ways Colleges Can Use Data Analytics to Improve the Admissions Process

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Education, Insights, Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Ask any high school senior applying for college—the pressure can be brutal. And while students worry if their SAT scores and extracurricular activities are enough to get them accepted, colleges and universities are facing an altogether different dilemma. When the common app became popular around ten years ago, students were suddenly able to apply to more schools without expending much …

data visualization

Data Visualization, Marketing Performance Measurement & Data Science Relationships Re-Envisioned

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we’ve collected articles that cover how to best visually present data to your audience. We share how to tell a story with data visualization and highlight six common data visualization mistakes and ways to avoid them. There’s also a new Marketing Performance Measurement report that we found super helpful and we take a look at the interdisciplinary relationship …

Build a Solid Data Strategy to Fuel Smart Marketing

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we feature articles that cover how best to develop an effective long-term data strategy for your company. We share how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will redefine your marketing campaigns–and walk through what this looks like. We highlight six case studies Machine-Learning (ML) powered email marketing campaign successes. And we look at what’s required to make your marketing campaigns as …

the right data analytics tool for the job

The Right Marketing Data Analytics Tool for the Job

Gary Robinson Marketing Analytics

You don’t realize what the right tool for the job is until you’ve used one or more of the wrong ones. For customer insights (CI) professionals, there is an endless number of data analytics tools that claim to be the one and only tool for the job. And with new tools being released on a daily basis, it’s hard to …

Machine Learning—Marketing Uses, Implementation Considerations, Job Impact

Machine Learning—Marketing Uses, Implementation Considerations and Job Impact

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we feature articles that cover the ways in which AI should be used for marketing, no matter how big or small your business. We highlight the delicate balance required to ensure your AI and Machine Learning strategies are done right. We share the important, symbiotic relationship required between Marketers and IT professionals when it comes to marketing technology …

Machine Learning—Executive Help, Marketers Advance, and Data Bias

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Weekly Roundup

This week, we feature an article that shares which questions to ask in order to get the most out of your data. We cover marketing’s shift to prioritizing data storage for AI and machine learning insights. Also, we consider why machine learning isn’t just about analyzing a pile of numbers and still requires a human touch. Seven Things Every Executive Should Know About Machine Learning …

Marketing Optimization Explained

Paul Maiste Optimization

Marketing Optimization refers to understanding and analyzing your data to make better marketing decisions across channels. Doing this properly can result in: Improved ROI Increased customer response rate Increased annual revenue Increased website conversions Decreased cost per order The challenge is to determine how to optimize your data for improved results. The amount and significance of information organizations have can be …