nonprofit donor data analytics

Nonprofits-Your Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Art Warren Nonprofit

The Secret to Reaching Individual Donors It’s no secret that individual donor contributions make up the bulk of revenue for many nonprofits. In 2016, individuals gave $281.86 billion and accounted for 72 percent of all giving, according to Charity Navigator. This at a time when total giving to charitable organization reached a record high level of $390.05 billion. Now more …

nonprofit newspaper and shared media

Using Newspaper and Shared Media Advertising to Increase Donor Giving

Gary Robinson Nonprofit

As part of a healthy marketing mix, advertising, through mediums like newspaper and shared mail media can support a nonprofit’s growth targets. But, if done poorly, these channels can be expensive while driving no results. If you want to see an impact from newspaper advertising and shared mail, your approach needs to be strategic and targeted. With the use of …


Using Predictive Analytics to Maximize Fundraising Campaign ROI

Becky Land Nonprofit

Understanding what worked and why it worked in a fundraising campaign has become easily available to nonprofits with the use of analytics and BI tools. But we are now in a space where answering these questions isn’t enough. It may sound bold, but nonprofits need to be able to predict the future of funding for their organization. And it’s not …

nonprofit advanced analytics

Nonprofits Using Advanced Analytics See Better Results

Art Warren Nonprofit

A recent study by IBM found that the advancement of data and analytics in nonprofits matters. 78 percent of nonprofits using advanced analytics capabilities indicated higher effectiveness in performing their mission among other key metrics. Yet, 67 percent fall in the early stages of the analytics journey – with an overwhelming 74 percent of respondents indicating that budget was a …