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Lityx added a huge skill for me, personally. Now I can say that I build models. That’s a differentiator for a business analyst. Alexa Langford, Grizzard

Lityx’s purpose is to improve the performance of our customers. Our tools and experts work closely with the analysts and analytically-minded leaders to make the work they do more efficient and effective. Our team of data scientists partner with customers and empower them with self-service data analytics—improving their work performance and value to the stakeholders they serve.

We help our Media & Agency clients improve their ability to differentiate themselves in a crowded agency market with tools to maximize clients’ campaign results. Put the power of predictive analytics to work—optimize your clients’ marketing programs, hone their targeted lists, and ensure the best allocation of their media budgets with our marketing optimization tools. Learn More.

Our clients partner with us to maximize customer lifetime value, develop customer retention strategies, and get more out of their budget. Using LityxIQ Insight they more effectively model their customers and gain perspective on the characteristics the most valuable customers share. By leveraging these insights within LityxIQ Marketing Optimization they build the right offers and employ the right media to bring the right customers to their door. Learn More.

Marketing analytics software and data mining solutions from Lityx are affordable and easy to use. Our clients choose us as an alternative to expensive programmers, statisticians or a costly IT investment. We work alongside our Non-profit and Education clients to optimize where they are spending their money and help them to meet their fundraising goals faster and more efficiently than alternative methods. Learn More.

Our Financial Services clients use Lityx to acquire more profitable customers. LityxIQ enables clients to be more proactive service providers and offer their customers the services that meet their needs. Using advanced analytics approaches, powered by Lityx software and team, our clients create powerful customer retention strategies using our predictive analytics tools. These strategies identify at-risk customers and optimize offer delivery to maximize the value the customer receives and increase loyalty. Learn More.

The clients we serve in the Hospitality and Gaming industry drive full occupancy in both high and low seasons. Using our marketing optimization and analytics solutions, we empower our clients to more effectively target their audience, refine their best offers, and select the media outlets with the highest ROI. Learn More.

LityxIQ helps Healthcare and Pharma industry marketers use data to enhance marketing programs, with insights realized through easier access to data and prediction tools to drive greater productivity and ROI. We make data management and data mining simpler, enabling our clients to upload data sets from multiple systems and join and enhance those sets of data without programming experience. Learn More.

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“It was an extraordinary outcome for us. Better still is our continued improvement, especially in our primary objective of new member acquisition.” Channel Director, National Non-Profit Organization