Advanced Media Optimization with OptyxIQ


OptyxIQ powers advanced media optimization. We combine our in-house analytics expertise with our advanced analytics and optimization platform, LityxIQ, to help clients solve complex marketing problems and achieve the best possible business results.

We optimize media budgets to maximize your ROI. Our media optimization solutions answer your critical questions and produce outstanding results.

At a minimum our clients see a 15:1 ROI!

Critical Optimization Questions

  • How should I allocate my budget most effectively?
  • What media is delivering the best results?
  • What are the best media I should invest in?
  • How can my budget meet company goals?
  • What are my diminishing returns?
  • How much do I lose in sales due to requirements?

We Connect The Dots

Mid-market companies need to do more with less. OptyxIQ connects your internal finance and marketing departments with your deployment agency.

Available Media Options

We can optimize your existing media or expand your media options.

The OptyxIQ Process


We manage disparate data and create machine-learning algorithms developed from your campaign performance in combination with predictive analytics and mathematical models to drive the best results.

Here’s how it works.

  • Process and Results
  • Initial Calibration Stage
  • Production Stage

Outcomes of OptyxIQ

An Optimized Media Plan 

  • Created to meet budget and business requirements, detailing budget allocation by media and who to market for each medium.
  • Expected performance across all desired key-performance-indicators such as spend, revenue, volumes, responses, cost-per and profitability.
  • What-if and trade-off analysis showing expected results under various scenarios.
  • Indexed profile reports providing demographic insights of target audience
  • Next best budget expansion opportunities.

Predictive Models

  • Created to match medium to audience and within medium identify best targets.
  • Media mix and other models can be used to understand cross media effects and drive optimal media use.


Key performance indicators can be examined by scenario to understand potential decision tradeoffs


OptyxIQ has provided tremendous impact on key performance and business metrics for our clients.

Standard Optimization
  • 18 x ROI
  • $4MM incremental in-year revenue
  • 50% reduction in cost per opportunity

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Moderate Optimization
  • 87% response increase
  • $1.4MM incremental in-year revenue
  • 90% reduction in selection process

> Read the case study

“It was an extraordinary outcome for us. Better still is our continued improvement, especially in our primary objective of new member acquisition.”

– Channel Director, National Non-Profit Organization

“In the first two months of program implementation, we have seen our highest ever call volumes coming from direct mail, and a significant decrease in cost per opportunity.”

– Eric Feld, CFO, All American Hearing

Put predictive analytics to work in your business.

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