Healthcare & Pharma Analytics

Analytics Is Not Just For Marketing Any Longer

  • Increasingly, the healthcare, pharma, and life sciences fields are booming with transactional and outcome data ripe for analytics. Hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical reps, and scientists alike can leverage the power of modeling and advanced analytics to optimize their decisions and improve the lives of patients.

    Our tools lend themselves to a variety of analytic solutions for these areas, including:

    • Improving healthcare efficiency. Efficient healthcare provision leads to lower costs and optimal resource use. These can be informed through data and analytics. Reducing re-admission rate and predicting length of hospital stay are just a couple of examples that can lead to improved efficiency.
    • Predicting risks and outcomes. Together, data and predictive models can provide an improved understanding of potential healthcare risks and outcomes. For example, a patient’s history combined with data collected through sensors can predict their risk for cancer. Or a hospital can use information from a patient’s current and prior hospital stays to predict risk of symptom re-occurrence.
  • Case Studies

    Cancer Detection with Sensor Data


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