Webinar: Unlock the untapped potential of advanced analytics and machine learning across your entire team

Hosted by Lityx featuring Kjell Carlsson, PhD of Forrester Research and special guest Alexa Langford of One&All

Join Lityx CEO, Paul Maiste, PhD, and special guests, Kjell Carlsson, PhD, of Forrester Research, and Alexa Langford, of One&All, as they share cross-industry research and success stories of advanced analytics democratization unifying data scientists and business leaders.

Wednesday June 16, 1pm Eastern
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Every organization today understands the need to scale business insight, predictive modeling, and data-driven decision-making and execute it faster and more efficiently than ever before.

However, most struggle with the people, processes, and technology necessary to create a virtuous cycle of actionable insights, impact and, ultimately, transformation. To achieve this, firms need to democratize advanced analytics – to empower teams and data-savvy individuals throughout the organization – and operationalize it. Thankfully, many of the latest machine learning tools and technologies, make this possible far easier, faster (and also cheaper) than ever before. You’ll learn how no-code and low-code technologies are empowering analytics teams to capture rapid insights, build machine learning models, and deploy optimization more efficiently than ever before – and why it’s the future of data.

Meet the Experts

Host Lityx with special guests from Forrester Research and One&All share their deep experience.

Paul Maiste

Paul Maiste, PhD
CEO Lityx, LLC

Kjell Carlsson

Kjell Carlsson, PhD
Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research

Alexa Langford

Alexa Langford
VP Giving Sciences
at One&All

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