Healthcare Analytics Platform

ReduceIQ from Lityx helps deliver better health care at less cost. Our advanced healthcare analytics platform helps make better decisions.

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  • Advanced analytic health care solution designed to reduce hospital 30-day readmission rates.
  • Reduce readmissions and save financial penalties.
  • Improve quality and safety for the most chronically ill and a-risk patients.
  • Developed in partnership with d-Wise, clinical and health care systems optimization specialists.
  • Daily updated patient chase lists ordered by level of risk with explanatory details.
  • Customized models and predictions to the uniqueness of each hospital.

Powered by LityxIQ

An Easy-to-Use, web-based tool that provides daily chase lists for care managers; monthly population health reporting for leadership and analytics for patients who are chronic for Medical Directors.

Historical data is used to customize a model that identifies contributing factors for a specific hospital.

30-day readmission risk and overall health risk index are calculated for each patient upon admission.

Monthly control charts are developed for early detection and reoccurrence of issues around rising 30-day readmission rates.

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