Demystifying Advanced Analytics to Predict Donor Behavior

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Wednesday, June 27th
12:00pm EST


Learn how to apply advanced analytics to your donor data to improve ROI.

Are you leveraging your donor data to deliver maximum impact and efficiency? You likely have all the ingredients to produce valuable insights, but perhaps lack the expertise to surface the greatest opportunities.

Our team of data scientists bring a unique perspective to help nonprofits identify the most important pieces of data and build models to predict donor giving.

In this presentation, Lityx COO Gary Robinson will teach you how to:

Assess your donor data for insights.
Use RFM data to make better decisions.
Predict who in your database will donate.
Determine how much your donors will give.

Your Presenter

Gary Robinson – COO, Lityx

Gary is a 20 year veteran of marketing analytics and CRM having most recently worked at Merkle Inc. where he was Vice President in the Quantitative Marketing Group overseeing analytic engagements for some of Merkle’s top clients. This involved solutions supporting customer engagement, acquisition, retention and maximization for clients across industries. Prior to Merkle Gary was an SVP at Bank of America where he held various positions including marketing director, and head of database marketing, as well as running strategy, analytics, and list procurement.

Gary has a Master of Science in Statistics and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University.

Lityx is an analytics software company focused on empowering nonprofits to improve their ROI through predictive analytics and optimization .

We provide advanced analytics software, consulting services and third-party data to nonprofits. Our software is a cloud-based, hosted analytics platform that enables both non-statisticians and advanced technical users to easily leverage the power of predictive analytics and modeling. Our solutions offer access to sophisticated analytics approaches at a reasonable price. Start making better decisions by predicting donor behavior and optimizing your channels and campaigns. Learn more about Lityx and our customers.

Our Solutions

Donor Lifecycle Management

Our donor lifecycle management solutions leverage donor behavior models, customer value models, as well as list rental and data overlays.

Real-Time Reporting

Our cloud-based software enables you to produce on-demand, real-time reports that communicate meaningful data to your team, partners, and board easily and effectively.

Campaign Optimization

Find your targets and provide the most impactful message to each with our tools that optimize donor communications, channels and budget decisions.

Automated Analytics Processes

Our tools lend themselves perfectly to providing this full-lifecycle efficiency, and our OptyxIQ product is a great example of automation across the analytics lifecycle. Learn More.

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