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Real-Time Reporting for Better Business Results

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Insightful Automation

  • Centralized data from multiple sources
  • Automated processes for data collection, warehousing, cleaning, and preparation.
  • Reports produced in real-time
  • Uniform approach across the business

Accelerate and distribute insights with real-time access to information.

  • Holistic representation of information
  • Increased accuracy of information
  • Automated insights for better decision making
  • Improved ROI
  • Increased transparency and accuracy of performance
  • Deeper understanding of program contributions
  • Ability to respond faster to insights
  • More effective and efficient use of employee time and talents

Auto Reporting in Action

Lityx partnered with AARP to improve their reporting and decision-making.

AARP had access to a lot of valuable and greatly needed information, but it was not centralized, easily found nor consistent. A more sophisticated approach was required for them to make stronger, more targeted cases when influencing and enrolling decision-makers in community decisions that support age-friendly decisions.

Lityx brought together all of the data from the different sources and established automated processes for data collection, warehousing, cleaning, and preparation. This instated uniformity of data and approach across programs and empowered the AARP teams with a visual method to see and share the data in the form of dashboards that can be shared across AARP, and with stakeholders and community influencers.
The results of adopting an automated analytic approach has hugely improved AARP’s use of data.

Our optimization solutions leverage the following approaches: .

With 12 to 24-hour automated processing of each days data updates, the AARP Livable Communities team has nearly real-time access to the latest information and insights automatically.
With the information organized, it’s easier for the Livable Communities staff to answer questions, with more confidence.
The ability to access a holistic view of the data enables AARP to see the impact of the program in each state and determine future resource expenditures.
The ability to access data empowers users to provide feedback to the data owners when there are gaps or when more data could be collected and used, enriching their insight.

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