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“Through the LityxIQ platform, we put easy-to-use, world-class machine learning and predictive analytics tools into the hands of our team, without demand for deep training in statistics.”

Kelly Ronayne, Director of Marketing Finance and Analytics, The Motley Fool

“The success we achieved with Lityx and the LityxIQ platform was far and above that of the competitor. The LityxIQ platform outperformed the competition with greatly reduced time to analysis and at a lower cost.”

Bill Sandblom, CIO, The International Group, Inc.
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LityxIQ stands apart from the competition.

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Cloud-based, comprehensive, no-code machine learning. Accelerate team production. Efficiently capture actionable insights. Leverage your data to predict and optimize behaviors. Rapidly scale and take models into production. Gurobi Optimizer allows users to tackle even the toughest challenges.

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LityxIQ is the powerful yet easy-to use, no code AutoML platform built by data scientists for all your team members. A cloud-based SaaS, it works seamlessly with the tools you already have, integrating easily with other systems, source data platforms, data lakes and data warehouses, as well as the leading visualization tools. And fueled by the world’s fastest solver, you can tackle even the toughest analytics job.

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Fast, Repeatable, and Scalable AI Solutions

Our Solution Accelerators capability increases efficiency by reducing time to value. The LityxIQ platform enables your team to rapidly build analytics solutions that are repeatable, scalable and customized to your needs. In addition, branding your repeatable AI solutions, means new high-margin revenue streams further increasing your ROI.

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