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We are committed to meeting your specific needs. Unlike others, our pricing is not per user rather it is server-based. Plus, LityxIQ is cloud-hosted meaning there’s nothing to install — just connect your data and get started!

LityxIQ Team


Save 30%+

 with a 3-year commitment

*server-based not per user

LityxIQ Team offers the full power of LityxIQ for smaller, productive analytics groups tasked with ongoing and ad-hoc analyses, including data prep and consistent use of machine learning

Recommended for up to 3 concurrent users

Up to 2TB compressed dataset storage

4 cores / 32GB RAM for advanced analytics

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LityxIQ Corporate


Save 30%+

with a 3-year commitment

*server-based not per user

LityxIQ Corporate delivers additional computing power required for your larger team to achieve value across your organization

Recommended for heavier workloads or up to 10 concurrent users

Up to 4TB compressed dataset storage

8 cores / 64GB RAM for advanced analytics

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LityxIQ Enterprise

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LityxIQ Enterprise is customized to fit your team of any size, supporting multiple lines of business and dozens of users that require heavier data prep, automated insights, and reporting with hundreds of machine learning models

Our team will customize a plan that fits your team’s needs.

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LityxIQ FAQs

The good news is that LityxIQ is a very robust tool and can handle data of any size. The decision comes down to the number of concurrent users envisioned, the size of the files to be utilized and the complexity of the analysis to be performed.  Under most circumstances, the Team version will be more than sufficient for your needs. LityxIQ is highly scalable, so at any point it can expand to meet your growing needs. The Lityx team will work with you to ensure you have the right version at all times. 

Published pricing is server-based for a LityxIQ instance hosted in the U.S. East region.

No, other than you and your team’s ability to create them. The beauty of a LityxIQ subscription is how simple and inclusive it is. You get access to all of LityxIQ’s capabilities and can use them as exhaustively as you desire without limits. 

A LityxIQ license is for an instance of LityxIQ, allowing you to control the number of users. We do not limit the number of users. We recommend the number of users for a Corporate version not to exceed 10 only because of the workload and user satisfaction with competing processing time. 

Yes, your data will be 100% separate. We utilize completely separate and independent instances of LityxIQ for each of our clients. There is no system or data overlap between clients.

Yes, Lityx works with education programs and students. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Absolutely! It was designed with the non-data scientist in mind. There is no coding required or prior experience needed. LityxIQ is structured around logical workflows with point-and-click selections and defaults until a user becomes more experienced and wants to make finer adjustments. With LityxIQ, users can easily manage and prepare data for reporting and analysis, build reports and dashboards, and create predictive models. Did we mention everything can be automated? 

We understand that all groups and usage are not the same, so let us customize the best solution for your specific needs.

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