About Lityx

Lityx and the LityxIQ AutoML platform empowers your team to deliver AI-based business solutions efficiently and at-scale.

We have world-class software, consulting services, and data enhancement, with a diverse set of clients across many industries. We provide cloud-based hosted analytics solutions that help both business and technical users easily leverage the power of advanced analytics to increase ROI.

LityxIQ is a cloud-based predictive analytics software integrating a set of data tools that make it easy to perform a wide variety of tasks, from data preparation to reporting, BI to modeling and scoring, and optimization.

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Our solutions allow businesses to predict customer behavior such as spend and churn, optimize channels and campaigns, and solve many other complex problems that typically require advanced tools and skillsets.

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We provide advanced analytics consulting, alongside our software and solutions, to drive quick returns on investment. Whether you need high level strategy or help with technical jobs and reports, we’ve got the expertise.

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  • Our software and solutions deliver impact to your business and budget.
  • We provide affordable solutions for mid-market companies.
  • We have highly skilled and experienced strategy and analytics professionals.
  • Our clients are very happy with our results, many experiencing a 15:1 ROI.

“In the first two months of program implementation, we have seen our highest ever call volumes coming from direct mail, and a significant decrease in cost per opportunity.”

Eric Feld, CFO, All American Hearing

“It was an extraordinary outcome for us. Better still is our continued improvement, especially in our primary objective of new member acquisition.”

Channel Director, National Non-Profit Organization

“Moving to Lityx took an expensive, long, outsourced process and brought it in house. It’s a win for the company and me personally.”

Alexa Langford, Director of Research & Analytics at Grizzard

Moving to Lityx “comfortably cut the time in half to produce a CDI report” and “accelerated speed to market around information.”

Steve Rudman, Concord Direct General Manager

“The dimensionality of the data drove the success of the predictive modeling, and, ultimately, the programs’ results”

Bryan Flynn, DiamondStream

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