Advanced Analytics for Health & Pharma

Health institutions and pharmaceutical companies are discovering the power of advanced analytics to drive greater performance. Lityx partners with organizations to leverage the power of modeling and advanced analytics to optimize their decisions and improve the lives of patients.

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Improve Efficiency. Predict Risks & Outcomes.

We help health groups illustrate impact, cost-effectively identify risks and predict outcomes, and engage doctors. It’s a balancing act and every dollar counts. Lityx offers services and software to maximize your efforts, at a cost that you can afford.


Improve Healthcare

Efficient healthcare provision leads to lower costs and optimal resource use. Using data, our clients can achieve outcomes such as reductions in re-admission rate and predictions of length of hospital stays.

Predict Risks
& Outcomes

Data and predictive models provide an improved understanding of potential healthcare risks and outcomes. A patient’s history, combined with data collected through sensors can predict cancer risk.

Increase Productivity
for Better Return

LityxIQ automates the programming, testing, and management of predictive models. As your data changes and grows, models are automatically scored against the new data set. Improving outcomes with less work.


Lityx is the ideal partner for health organizations providing enterprise-grade, yet affordable optimization tools for both the non-statisticians and advanced users.

  • No costly programmers
  • No daunting IT investment
  • Highest quality with lowest cost

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