Advanced Analytics for Hospitality & Gaming

Hospitality and gaming organizations are discovering the power of advanced analytics to drive greater performance, customer experience, and spend efficiency. Lityx partners with hospitality and gaming organizations to help them harness that power to achieve great results.

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Identify, acquire, and retain valuable customers with the right marketing mix.

We understand the realities of marketing in hospitality and gaming. Identifying high value customers, developing compelling offers, increasing engagement, and encouraging repeat purchases. It’s a balancing act and every dollar counts. Lityx offers services and software to maximize your efforts.

Tools for Data-Driven Organizations

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the landscape and increasing possibilities for hospitality and gaming companies. Lityx can help you increase profits and ROI with deep customer analysis, predictive analytics, and data-driven marketing.

Our predictive modeling and data mining solutions provide you with greater insights from your customer data. LityxIQ goes beyond simple RFM statistics, providing you with a multi-dimensional view of your customers’ behaviors.
Employ a set of predictive analytics models to identify new prospects who are most profitable. Combined with our predictive models—identify return customers, while our marketing optimization tools can identify the best offers to bring them back, maximizing your ROI.
Our marketing analytics software solutions will help you effectively target your audience, refine your best offers and select the most effective media channels. LityxIQ will help you to continuously improve your results so every season is your best season.

Added Value for Your Business

Lityx is the ideal partner for organizations providing robust and affordable optimization tools and services for both the non-statisticians and the more advanced users.

  • No costly programmers

  • No daunting IT investment

  • Highest quality with lowest cost

  • Data scientists invested in your success

Litix Gaming & Casinos

In the highly competitive gaming industry, casino property owners are actively using predictive modeling techniques to improve the efficiency and profitability of their acquisition and retention programs. However, the industry has not yet mastered fully utilizing data assets on play history and other transactional behavior of the customer.

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