Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Videos

The team at Lityx has created numerous videos that offer advanced analytics and machine learning education and insights. Scroll through the list below or visit our YouTube channel for the latest or the most popular.

AutoML 101

Greg Green PhD, Executive Director of Analytics Programs at the University of Chicago joined Lityx CEO Paul Maiste, PhD to discuss machine learning and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) in particular. For fans of Schoolhouse Rock’s How a Bill Becomes a Law, you’ll find Greg’s definition of AutoML particularly easy to understand. 3 video series/ ~10 minutes total


AI can help improve PI Data results

The world’s largest integrated wax manufacturer, is leveraging LityxIQ to make processing within the company more efficient. LityxIQ,helped IGI Wax identify the pathway to reducing waste in its wax processing towers. As IGI Wax CIO Bill Sandblom explains in this brief video series, it was easy to load data into the software and soon it was producing recommendations on how to adjust processing temperatures, pressures and flows, with recommendations leading to a 4% reduction in waste, which translates to millions of dollars in increased revenue for the company. 3 videos/ ~8.5 minutes total


How to become a Citizen Data Scientist

This series of videos explores the meaning and value of Citizen Data Scientists to an organization. Includes Lityx CEO, Paul Maiste and Alexa Langford, VP Giving Sciences from the One & All agency.  PLUS a 1:1 interview between Gary Robinson, Lityx COO and Alexa about her journey to becoming a leading Citizen Data Scientist. 6 videos/ ~ 15 minutes total.


LityxIQ Overview

LityxIQ is a cloud-based advanced analytics platform. See how LityxIQ can greatly increase your efficiency and decrease costs in implementing predictive models and marketing optimization compared to other solutions. 2 videos/ ~5 minutes


LityxIQ Webinars

A collection of 6  30 minute to 1 hour recorded seminars. Topics covered include: Live Demo on Marketing Optimization, Building and Deploying Customer Behavior Models and Optimizing Your Message with Advanced Analytics.


Video Archive

This collection includes marketing, healthcare and fundraising use cases, product updates, optimization education, getting executive buy-in and more. Scroll through and enjoy. Interested in something in particular? Send us a message and we will connect.


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