Lityx Makes Responsible AI (RAI) Possible

RAI Accelerator Solutions Bring Together Business Needs and Social Value for Organizations of Any Size

The influence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on business decisions continues to grow exponentially, leading many business leaders to demand data solutions that deliver AI responsibly. Done properly, these tools enable organizations to optimize business decisions and social outcomes by removing data bias, mitigating unintended outcomes, and expanding marketing reach to new audiences.

LityxIQ is the leading platform for predicting and assessing business and social impacts across various algorithms, while informing decisions across multiple priorities.

  • Insights: Data management and dashboards to evaluate data and algorithm bias
  • Machine Learning: Algorithms to implement appropriate data blindness and socially-constrained models
  • Model Management and Governance: Tools to manage model development responsibly and understand true market impacts

Powering RAI

Through more than just analytic technology, RAI also requires comprehensive design processes that invite diverse inputs into AI development and MLOps.

With LityxIQ as the enabling platform, Lityx partners with leading Responsible AI Designers to engage a broad set of organizational stakeholders into AI, including leaders in product development, marketing and diversity initiatives. Delivering RAI solutions across healthcare, financial services, and other industries, Lityx adheres to RAI best practices while partnering with clients to raise awareness of RAI across the enterprise.

Lityx IQ: Understanding Potential Outcomes

Data Bias Evaluation

Algorithm Evaluation

Our Partner in RAI

Eagna Analytics addresses the need for Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) by bringing social value and business value together to make Responsible AI accessible. Eagna Analytics delivers equitable, transparent, interpretable, and privacy-compliant AI implementations to their clients through their Responsible AI Governance System.

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