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Tools for Modeling

Lityx machine learning platform, LityxIQ makes it fast and easy to deploy predictive models to support better business decisions. Paired with our team of data scientists, Lityx powers smarter business.

For companies seeking more effective and efficient marketing, LityxIQ helps you find customers, clients, or donors quicker and improves your ability to predict where and when to spend more effectively, so you can watch the returns on your investments continuously grow.

Machine learning in LityxIQ helps increase response rates, reduce churn, and maximize your marketing budget. Use your data to build predictive models that answer complex business questions.

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Machine Learning Applied

LityxIQ uses machine learning to automate analytics and provide deep insights into your business. Use LityxIQ to better measure results, increase ROI, and improve performance.

Categorize digital marketing initiatives to measure results and analyze costs drivers across providers and variables.

Analyze leads across hundreds of variables to better understand the profile of key student segments and drive more targeted marketing efforts.
Improve retention by identifying customers most at risk of attrition, and the factors influencing that risk, allowing for intelligent intervention.
Improve the lifetime value of your customers and increase the performance of campaigns by finding and targeting your best customers and prospects more effectively.

Machine Learning Resources

The increased volume of marketing messages being distributed across all channels makes it even more important for businesses to work smarter and begin to scale outreach through targeted and personalized marketing.

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Get connected and learn. Access a collection of our favorite podcasts, communities, articles and videos that provide guidance on how to use analytics to empower marketing decisions.

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This guide covers how to improve your marketing programs with modeling. Learn the six stages of predictive model development and why models work.

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The evolution of big data analytics has seen data volumes explode, data insight reach beyond IT and directly to the business user, and a growing interest in using data less for analyzing the past and more for looking into the future.

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