Machine Learning for Higher Education

Institutions are discovering the power of advanced analytics to drive greater performance and efficiency. Lityx partners with higher education to help them harness that power.

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Recruitment. Student retention. Donor engagement.

We understand the realities of marketing and fundraising in education. Illustrating impact, cost-effectively recruiting new students, retaining students, and engaging alumni. It’s a balancing act and every dollar counts. Lityx offers services and software to maximize your efforts, at a cost that you can afford.

Powerful Tools for Higher Education

LityxIQ gives higher education institutions deep, actionable insights into marketing, recruitment, student retention, and alumni fundraising.

Analyze leads across hundreds of variables to better understand the profile of key student segments and drive more targeted marketing efforts.
Score and prioritize leads for online programs so that your advisor team efficiently allocate resources and effort, and improve enrollment rates while decreasing cost-per-student.
Improve student retention by identifying students most at risk of attrition, and the factors influencing that risk, allowing for advisors to intervene intelligently.
Improve the lifetime value of your students and increase performance of giving campaigns by finding and targeting your best donors more effectively.

Added Value for Your Institution

Lityx is the ideal partner for higher education organizations providing robust, yet affordable optimization tools for both the non-statisticians and the more advanced users.

  • No costly programmers

  • No daunting IT investment

  • Highest quality with lowest cost

  • Data scientists invested in your success

Case Studies

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Optimize Outreach

You know your enrollment goals from quarter to quarter. Combine your strengths with technology from Lityx to optimize your outreach dollars. Whether you leverage our managed analytics solution, employ solicitation contractors, or run your own phone banks or media campaigns, we’ll help you spend smarter to deliver the best returns. Learn how two online university programs utilize predictive analytics to optimize outreach and increase enrollment potential.

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Increase Enrollment Potential

Learn how we helped two online university programs to achieve 2.5x incremental lift in identifying potential enrollees, increase enrollment potential by 33%, and identified improvements of efficiency of marketing programs and outreach through improved scoring and optimized outreach.

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