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Lityx helps agencies leverage the power of data and advanced analytics to achieve deeper insights and increased ROI for better client results.

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We partner with agencies to deliver enterprise-grade analytics to integrate and automate complex tasks easily.

You can do it yourself, or our experienced team can help create and deliver analytics solutions to achieve quick ROI. By combining our software and services, we enable agencies to predict customer behavior for their clients such as spend and churn, optimize channels and campaigns, and maximize marketing outcomes.

Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

Artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding the ability of marketers to reach and understand their audience. The ability of AI to analyze large datasets empowers business to scale their marketing efforts while improving ROI. For companies that want to grow, marketing automation is no longer a “nice-to-have” function, it’s a must.

White label data science expertise to improve your agencies value.

Improved marketing targeting and investment to increase ROI.
Flexible predictive modeling tools to help meet your client’s goals.
Real-time access to meaningful data and reporting.
Data enhancement to improve insights that can be turned into action.
Improve ROI for your clients by leveraging our powerful tools.

Added Value for Your Clients

Partnering with Lityx allows agencies to provide more value to their clients and enhance their services. Agencies leverage the LityxIQ marketing analytics platform as an additional service and revenue-generator to improve results and marketing performance for clients.

  • No costly programmers

  • No daunting IT investment

  • Highest quality with lowest cost

  • Data scientists invested in your success

Categorize digital marketing initiatives to measure results and analyze costs drivers across providers and variables.
Identify opportunities to get more out of client advertising campaigns for less.
Attribute client spend and performance across media channels to improve investments and guide strategy.

Advanced Tracking & Attribution

Tracking and analyzing data from marketing campaigns used to require extensive manual work, but with Lityx, you can easily generate meaningful insights to inform and optimize your marketing efforts.

Leveraging analytics can be challenging for many Media and Agencies. We provide data analytics consulting, augmented with our solutions, to drive quick returns on investment. See how Lityx works with agencies like yours!

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