Advanced Analytics for CPG

CPG companies are discovering the power of advanced analytics to model your customers and gain a multi-dimensional perspective. Harness the power of data to build the right products and features, employ the right media, improve customer experiences, gain spend efficiency and increase sales.

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Customer lifetime value. Retention. Spend efficiency.

We understand the realities of marketing and analytics in the consumer packaged goods industry. Better understand your customers to build the right offers, messaging and channels to increase your bottom line. Every dollar counts and needs to work as efficiently as possible. Lityx offers services and software to maximize your efforts, at a cost you can afford.

Powerful Tools for the CPG Industry

Artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding the ability of CPG companies to reach and understand their market. The ability of AI to analyze large datasets empowers CPG businesses to scale while improving ROI. For growing CPG companies, automation capability is essential.

Use predictive modeling to refine and optimize your offers. Effectively cross-sell and upsell to your customers the products and services they want.
Learn the signals of a customer intending to leave you for a competitor with our predictive modeling and marketing analytics software. Stay on top of the data to inform the best course of action.
Strike the right balance in where you put your advertising dollars with media optimization tools. With LityxIQ, balance your media mix to predictably deliver profitable marketing campaigns.

ROI for CPGs

Lityx is the ideal partner for organizations providing robust, yet affordable optimization tools for both the non-statisticians and the more advanced users.

  • No costly programmers

  • No daunting IT investment

  • Highest quality with lowest cost

  • Data scientists invested in your success

Profile current customers against the available universe footprint to identify important customer demographic and behavioral drivers.
Identify opportunities to get more out of client advertising campaigns for less.

Advanced Analytics for CPGs

Tracking and analyzing data about your customers used to require extensive manual work, but with Lityx, you can easily generate meaningful insights to inform and optimize your marketing efforts.

Combine your strengths with Lityx technology and data experts to optimize your marketing dollars. Our solutions and team can help you spend smarter to deliver the best returns.

Learn how we helped one client increased revenue by $4MM from the direct mail channel while decreasing cost per opportunity by 50% for an 18x ROI increase.
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