Case Study:

Improving Reporting and Data Insight Capabilities

Concord Direct

The Client

Concord Direct is a mid-sized agency focused on non-profits looking to bring a unique and innovative view to its clients. They also wanted to dramatically improve their reporting and data insights capabilities. According to Steve Rudman, Concord Direct General Manager, their process was “very manual” and took days sometimes up to a week to complete. They wanted something fresh and modern, fast and flexible, scalable and powerful all without a huge price tag.

Moving to Lityx “comfortably cut the time in half to produce a CDI report” and “accelerated speed to market around information.”
– Steve Rudman, Concord Direct General Manager

The Challenge

graph for concord directThe size of the data Concord Direct wanted to report on belied the complexity of their requirements. A simple three field file of 10 year giving history needed to be rolled up by dynamic periods of time and several segmentation schemes that members moved in and out of depending on their giving history. A dozen or so metrics were needed with some presented as year-to-date and others by time period.

Finally the ability to forecast and also drill down into sophisticated charts and tables. A full suite of reports would be needed at any given time for any number of clients.

On the surface this all sounded reasonable enough. The devil was most definitely in the details.

They wanted something fresh and modern, fast and flexible, scalable and powerful all without a huge price tag.

The Solution

Using a combination of LityxIQ and Tableau we were able to create what the client was looking for. LityxIQ was used to automate and perform complicated data preparation for Tableau which was setup with a variety of calculated conditional fields, parameters, dashboards and ultimately a storyboard for final presentation to the agency’s client. The entire suite of reports and insights takes 60 minutes or less depending on the size of the file and requires only minimal fine tuning by the agency.

The Results

  • Integration of LityxIQ and Tableau created a seamless way of reporting on program performance
  • What took several days now takes several hours – cutting the time in half to produce a CDI report
  • Provided access to more granular data insights through automation
  • Accelerated speed to market around information

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