What Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from Their For-Profit Counterparts on Attracting Donors

Gary Robinson and Marianne Pelletier Marketing Analytics, Nonprofit

Lityx is proud to partner with Staupell Analytics Group. Staupell helps nonprofits enhance performance through their custom analytics, flexible training, improved business intelligence, and increased efficiency in data processing. Marianne Pelletier is the Managing Director of Staupell Analytics Group and has 30 years of experience in fundraising, including extensive prospect researching and prospecting. She is one of the first adopters …

marketing data science

Marketers, Data Science is More Accessible Than You Think

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Marketing Analytics

A recent Forbes article quotes Krill Eremenko, the founder and CEO of SuperDataScience saying, “The most powerful data scientists are those who act as bridges between insights and people.” How incredibly true. Today’s marketers expect to see insights and results data from the work they do, but there’s a barrier between analysis and understanding. With a functioning data science and …

Are You Using Segmentation Properly?

Gary Robinson Marketing Analytics

This post is the first of a three part series on segmentation. In this article, we will discuss what segmentation is and how it’s sometimes used ineffectively. In part two we plan to dive into the various methods of segmentation and discuss their pros and cons with the purpose of tying this back to improving the effectiveness of segmentation. And, …

third-party customer data

Does Third-party Data Help You Better Understand Your Customers?

Simon Poole Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Is it worth appending third party data to better understand your customers? Invariably one will be in a better position to understand what their best customers look like. This is foundational knowledge for any marketer and can then be used to inform messaging and marketing communication. Moreover, third party data will enable more precise target marketing that can dramatically improve …

insights-to-action gap

Closing the Insights-to-Action Gap

Gary Robinson Insights, Marketing Analytics

A recent article in KDnuggets presented the four types of data analytics we encounter in data science: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. This grouping is familiar to many. At Lityx we find Gartner’s analytic progression chart useful when explaining the types of analysis we can do and their relation to business value and complexity. In the article, the author notes, “When I talk …

Excel and Tableau Templates for a Population Stability Index Approach

Gary Robinson Marketing Analytics

In a previous post, ‘The Right Tool for the Job’, I included an example of a method for comparing groups of people, called the Population Stability Index (PSI).  It’s a useful approach for when there’s a lot of information and it would otherwise be time-consuming and inefficient to comb through hundreds of tables and charts to determine which variables are most …