Transforming Data with Intelligence (TDWI) recently held a summit focused on putting big data and analytics to work in organizations. Lityx attended the event, where I had the honor of presenting alongside Mark Kovscek, the founder, and CEO of Conservation Labs, about the state of today’s application of analytics and innovative ways to close the insights-to-action gap.

In our work, we’ve found that a divide exists in today’s analytics approach as organizations of all sizes seek to leverage the power of data to deliver better returns on their marketing investments. Matching a business’ need with a company’s team and skills—or lack thereof—poses a challenge, leading organizations to opt for ill-fitted products that either result in high cost of ownership or technical inefficiencies. However, a platform approach to advanced analytics can provide the right balance and solve a wide array of business problems.

In the presentation, we walk through case studies that illustrate the use of predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI combined with digital marketing data sources to automate insight generation and improve media buying decisions. View the presentation below and let us know if you have questions!


Presented by Paul Maiste, CEO & President, Lityx and Mark Kovscek, Founder & CEO, Conservation Labs

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