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Getting the most out of advanced analytics is a challenge for many organizations. Our clients rely on our services to get LityxIQ up and running and to realize a quick and sizable return on investment.

LityxIQ tools can be set to run automatically and chained together for full “lights-out” processing. OptyxIQ is a great example of automation across the analytic lifecycle.
In today’s complex marketing environment, finding your targets and providing the most relevant message to each provides tremendous ROI for your marketing budget.
Our optimization solutions leverage customer behavior models and customer value models to optimize the outcomes of your campaigns.
OptyxIQ is our solution to advanced media optimization. We combine our in-house analytics expertise with our advanced analytics and optimization platform, LityxIQ, to help clients solve complex marketing problems and achieve the best possible business results.
Lityx offers a broad, rich set of data enhancement services for predictive modeling and profiling insights. Our data includes over 500 demographic, behavioral, attitudinal and distance elements, including individual, household and neighborhood-level data.

Getting the most out of data is challenging for many companies. While our products are designed to be easy to use, many of our clients draw upon our knowledge of the solutions to get them up and running. We provide advanced analytics consulting, alongside our products, to drive quick returns on investment.

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