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Want to do more with your data but not sure where to start? 

Your donor data is one of your most valuable assets as a nonprofit. However, with so much information at your fingertips, it can be difficult to identify which donors are the most compelling and present the greatest opportunity.

We make it easy for you! Our free Donor Health Report ($1000 value) is the first step in putting your data to work. It’s easy to get started, simply:

  1. Complete the form.
  2. A Lityx team member will be in touch to discuss your donor information.
  3. We will run your data through our LityxIQ analytics software.
  4. You will receive an easy-to-read summary of your donor data, segmented by donor activity, similar to the report featured below.

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($1000 VALUE)

Donor Health Report at a Glance

The Donor Health Report provides an easy-to-read snapshot of your historical donor data. From this aggregated summary, we can begin to analyze trends and build predictive analytics models that focus on identifying donor segments with the highest ROI.

This approach saves time and optimizes marketing spend, enabling you to reach your fundraising targets faster and more efficiently.

donor health report

Lityx is an analytics software company focused on empowering nonprofits to improve their ROI through predictive analytics and optimization .

We provide advanced analytics software, consulting services and third-party data to nonprofits. Our software is a cloud-based, hosted analytics platform that enables both non-statisticians and advanced technical users to easily leverage the power of predictive analytics and modeling. Our solutions offer access to sophisticated analytics approaches at a reasonable price. Start making better decisions by predicting donor behavior and optimizing your channels and campaigns. Learn more about Lityx and our customers.

Our Solutions

Donor Lifecycle Management

Our donor lifecycle management solutions leverage donor behavior models, customer value models, as well as list rental and data overlays.

Real-Time Reporting

Our cloud-based software enables you to produce on-demand, real-time reports that communicate meaningful data to your team, partners, and board easily and effectively.

Campaign Optimization

Find your targets and provide the most impactful message to each with our tools that optimize donor communications, channels and budget decisions.

Automated Analytics Processes

Our tools lend themselves perfectly to providing this full-lifecycle efficiency, and our OptyxIQ product is a great example of automation across the analytics lifecycle. Learn More.

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