Transform Your Subscription Box Service through AI/Machine Learning

Join an exclusive virtual workshop; custom built and tailored for your team. 

Offered by Lityx and Princeton Consulting marketing and production optimization experts.

This exclusive customized workshop offers the unique opportunity to hear from Lityx and Princeton Consulting optimization experts on how best to leverage advanced analytics and new technologies. This event is designed for senior managers at industry-leading subscription box companies, ready to dive into the key areas that impact your business.

What to expect:

  • Our expert panel will guide you through how to build and deploy solutions to optimize your critical operations and marketing efforts.
  • Gain insights into how AI and machine learning will lead to predictive revenue growth and smart scaling for your organization.
  • Engage with our experts to turn your biggest growth challenges into a roadmap for successful customer growth.

Meet Our Experts

Lityx and Princeton Consultants are combining their category experience to offer this special opportunity.

Dr. Irv Lustig
Optimization Principal
Princeton Consultants

Dr. Patricia Randall
Princeton Consultants

Paul Maiste, PhD

Gary Robinson

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