Hosted by Amberleaf’s CEO, Larry Goldman, the Marketing Technology Unleashed podcast regularly interviews experts in and around the marketing space to keep business leaders informed on the latest insights within the marketing technology landscape. Recently, Larry interviewed Lityx CEO and President, Paul Maiste to talk about AI and Machine Learning.

Paul built hMarketing Technology Unleashed Podcast Cover Artis technology foundation with a degree in Mathematics at Loyola College and an MD and Ph.D. in Statistics at North Carolina State University. Since then, he’s had over 25 years of providing business intelligence, analytics, data-mining, and consulting services. He brings a unique blend of expertise to the table with both business insights and tech know-how. 

AI and Machine Learning are hot topics these days and there is no one better to comment on the current landscape than Paul. Paul has a great way of simplifying complex concepts and explaining the intricacies of how AI is evolving and how it can help modern businesses.  “When you break it down, what we’re trying to do is use mathematical techniques to find complex patterns in data and apply them to new data to help predict future behaviors.” 


Paul tackled questions like: 

  • “What do all of the AI and Machine Learning terminologies really mean?”  
  • “How are these technologies being used?” 
  • “How can marketers take advantage of them today?” 

Listen to Paul’s insight on AI and machine learning.

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