Special Analytics Offer

You and your clients are likely feeling the impact of today’s business environment. We’d like to do what we can to help by offering our analytic expertise and tools to your company and your clients.

We have top-notch data science expertise and technology and can aid in the completion of backlogged analytics work, make current work run faster and less expensively, provide data-driven solutions to business needs and opportunities, and make available to your team our cloud-hosted analytic platform LityxIQ.

Given the difficult situation we are providing a special offer:

  • Free access to Lityx data science senior leadership for analytic questions and brainstorming.
  • Coronavirus focused analyses: free use of our AI/autoML platform LityxIQ.
  • Other types of analyses: free use of LityxIQ for 90 days* with 90-day delayed payment of a license.
  • Project collaboration / staff augmentation from Lityx data science team delayed payment for 90 days.

*Free use of LityxIQ for 90 days is not conditioned on a license agreement but is subject to review for acceptable uses.

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