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What Sets Lityx Apart from Other Analytics Platforms?

Built by data scientists, it is designed to be easy, fast, transparent, and flexible to support all levels of the analytic progression model: data preparation, reporting and insights, machine learning, and mathematical optimization/AI.

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AutoML with Mathematical Optimization sets LityxIQ apart from other platforms.

LityxIQ empowers you to model key features of complex real-world problems you must answer, make the best possible decisions, and deliver optimal business benefits. Ideal for operational applications, business processes, logistics, scheduling, routing, resource optimization, pricing, supply chain planning, customer experience, and anywhere that data can be used to enhance your organization’s success.

“With Al and ML adoption on the rise, Mathematical Optimization is poised to become the decision-making executor for ML solutions that involve precious enterprise resources.” —Forrester

The powerful LityxIQ Insights Engine moves you rapidly from ingestion to value

We know how important it is to quickly glean immediate value from your data, which is why the unique LityxIQ Insights Engine gets rave reviews. Simply ingest your data, choose a desired output from the Insights menu, and LityxIQ does the rest. You’ll be reviewing answers to critical business problems in minutes.

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LityxIQ Easily Integrates with Your Team’s Preferred Toolsets

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We all have a favorite set of tools whether its PowerBI or Tableau for visualization or Snowflake for data, that is why we make LityxIQ easy to integrate with hundreds of leading tools in the analytics stack. And, LityxIQ is cloud-hosted so there’s nothing to install; just connect your data using a web browser.

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Leverage the power of data and advanced analytics to achieve deeper insights and increased ROI for better client results.

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Discover the power of analytics to drive greater performance and efficiency. And do so affordably for your nonprofit organization.

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Drive greater performance and efficiency. Lityx partners with higher education to help them harness that power.

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Create the right offers. at the right time, use the right media, improve customer experiences, and increase ROI & sales.

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Model your customers and gain a multi-dimensional perspective. Build the right products and features and increase sales.

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Optimize your decisions and improve the lives of patients with the power of modeling and advanced analytics in organization.

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Improve performance, customer experience, and spend efficiency with the information from Lityx’s analytics platform.

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Optimize decisions, identify sales opportunities, and improve performance. Your customers are more than the sum of their accounts.

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