Rapid, easy machine learning and analytics insourcing

One & All creates compelling work through strategy, creativity and technology that moves people to act, helping important social organizations activate their customer relationships and create impact in their communities by combining data and human insights. One & All and their VP of Giving Sciences, Alexa Langford, leverage LityxIQ to quickly and easily build successful machine learning models that provide advanced analytics insights and better decision-making for their social good and nonprofit clients. LityxIQ, is a no-coding automated machine learning platform built by data scientists but designed to be easy, fast, transparent, and flexible to support all levels of the analytic progression model from data preparation, reporting and insights, machine learning, and mathematical optimization/AI.

Alexa spoke with Lityx COO, Gary Robinson about their decision to acquire LityxIQ, their rapid journey to using the platform, and the positive outcomes for their clients. 


Part 1 – 6:33



Part 2 – 1:13



Part 3 – 2:38