Machine Learning & AI for Manufacturing

Global manufacturers are realizing significant efficiencies and production growth through the implementation of advanced analytics and decision intelligence. Lityx is accelerating success, reducing waste and adding to top line outputs in just weeks.

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Turn Sensor Data into Better Decisions. In Real Time.

Manufacturers around the world are capturing millions of pieces of data every second, but are you getting the most out of all of that information? Through Lityx, you can turn that data into predictive insights for making more informed strategic decisions and substantially increase the ROI on your production processes. Optimize your insights by creating an automated decision engine that operators can trust and executives can admire. And, Lityx will get you there in days or weeks, not months or years.

Have your best day, every day!

LityxIQ dives deep to rapidly uncover the optimal path to the best day that your facilities can achieve, and then we’ll arm plant managers and operators with the information needed to make that happen through every production cycle. Let LityxIQ help you get to and maintain next-level results.

Quickly build machine learning models to analyze sensor data across thousands of variables to better understand how to optimize production results and deliver more outputs every day.

Through machine learning, you’ll understand where and how to make adjustments that can lead to less unusable waste and deliver more sellable product through every cycle and higher ROI on raw materials. 

Improve quality throughout your production process, eliminating bad output or product that simply doesn’t meet your standards or those of your scrutinizing customers.

Improvements across the production lifecycle lead not just to increased revenue but to pure profit due to better efficiencies, less waste, and higher quality outputs that you and your clients will be proud of.

Immediate Value for Your Organization and Data Teams

Lityx is the ideal partner for manufacturers in every sector, delivering a world-class platform that sits between your data and your visualization tools to optimize your analytics and decision-making processes.

  • Make your data team more effective

  • Cloud-based, no-code AutoML

  • Highest quality with lowest cost

  • Data scientists invested in your success

Using BI with AI to Grow Revenue

Millions in Incremental Profit

With the goal to maximize production output and eliminate waste from its distillation process, The International Group, Inc. – also known as IGI Wax – sought to leverage its investment in AVEVA’s PI System to turn real-time and historical PI System and lab data in the wax refinery into insights that would create significant value to the organization.

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