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Leveraging analytics can be challenging for many companies. While our products are designed to be easy to use, many of our clients draw upon our specific knowledge of the solutions to get them up and running. We provide data analytics consulting, augmented with our solutions, to drive quick returns on investment.

Retainer of agreed upon fixed tasks. This is the most cost effective option for a long-term engagement with a one of our teams.
This is the perfect solution for short-term, ad-hoc project demands, when you need to quickly accomplish specific goals.

How We Work With Your Team

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  • Vice President: This role offers strategic thought-leadership, system specifications, and implementation of Lityx solutions.

  • Senior Decision Scientist: This is your guide to creating a tailored media mix of algorithms so you can make the best decisions for your company.

  • Principal Consultant: The consultant role provides project and client management including all deliverables and analyst oversight.

  • Analyst: Our analysts are responsible for running all technical jobs and creating output reports for your team.

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  • Thought leaders with deep analytic expertise

  • Experienced across industries and solutions

  • Practical solutions that deliver big returns

  • Understanding of both analytics and business

  • Advanced degrees in Statistics

  • Fast, reliable and professional support

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