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Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) is a nonprofit organization committed to championing hope for a brighter future for Native Americans living on remote, isolated and impoverished reservations. Collaborating for more than 25 years with their reservation partners, PWNA provides consistent aid and services for Native Americans with the highest need in the U.S.

Much of their work centers around material aid, educational support, and community-based services. PWNA also connects outside resources directly to reservations through its distribution network and reservation partnerships.

The Challenge

PWNA supports eight different brands. Promotions and direct mail appeal campaigns are run to gather donations in support of each brand.

The appeal approach PWNA was using was brand-centric instead of member-centric. They were operating as if the appeals were all to different members. The siloed RFM analysis that resulted from this approach had gaps in information at the member-level and provided an opportunity for improved offers and efficiencies.

The organization was investing more than ever in fundraising and needed to optimize its outreach to increase net revenue.

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The Solution

With the intent to increase net revenue, Lityx partnered with PWNA’s marketing team and their direct mail agency, Concord Direct, to define an approach that would improve performance and ROI.

The Lityx team examined donors’ behavior based on transactional giving across all of the brands. The team then created models that predicted net revenue and used them to reduce mail volume and improve response.

Lityx defined criteria that scored members based on 115 variables in order to segment the audiences and prioritize the mailing. The selection criteria provided a more personalized and relevant message for members, by brand, and was very successful in increasing net revenue.

  • 3x the number of custom models with the same internal staff
  • Spending 70% less annually
  • Mailing fewer pieces at a higher net revenue per donor
  • It only takes a couple of hours to build and run models vs. weeks

The Results

  • Nearly 2x increase in net revenue
  • Expense savings of 40% – 70% across brands
  • 10% – 35% lift in brand response rates