Case Study:

Advanced Analytics for Paid Search Optimization


The Client

Capsaicin was a marketing intelligence software company headquartered in New York, prior to being bought by Velocidi in 2013. Their customer data platform empowers businesses to control first, second, and third-party data and unlock the right marketing insights, decisions and actions at scale. The Capsaicin CDP is the first of its kind to combine both media and customer data in either a private cloud or an on-premise deployment.

With powerful technology that focuses on supplying brands with the data they need to make more intelligent decisions, Capsaicin was seeking a way to incorporate advanced analytics into their solution to help their clients automate paid search optimization. Specifically, they wanted a system to help identify patterns and trends in keyword performance and deliver bid change recommendations.

The Challenge

Some of the key challenges that Capsaicin faced when searching for a solution included:

  • Usability by non-statisticians (search analysts)
  • Keyword data can quickly ‘blow up’ to billions of records or combinations of records
  • Response time must be seconds to minutes

  • Scalability and extensibility to many client situations

They took a multi-pronged approach that included:

  • Leveraging existing reporting and visualization solutions
  • Delivering simple outputs that provide confidence in the answer and allow for easy activation
  • Creating and embedding new features to select analysis periods, targets, and other data to refine campaigns

  • Scalability and extensibility to many client situations

The Solution

Lityx partnered with Capsaicin to create an intelligent insights platform for digital media analytics. The solution uses machine learning algorithms to segment keywords, predict performance, and generate automated insights. The result is visibility into keyword performance, bid change recommendations and easy to understand analysis of performance drivers.

velocidi screenshot

The Results

As a result, Capsaicin clients have experienced significant gains in paid search campaign performance, including:

Capsaicin result image

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