Often, agencies that we talk to suggest that they struggle to offer advanced analytics (machine learning and artificial intelligence) services to their clients. Their clients are demanding sophisticated data approaches to marketing efforts, but agencies have a hard time finding the right resources.

That’s where Lityx comes in.

We partner with agencies to augment your technology stack and provide a competitive advantage by enabling you to offer advanced analytic services.

How? Our partnership can work in a couple of ways…

  • We provide data science and analytics services and software for your team to leverage to support clients.
  • Your team can license just our software to provide advanced analytics services to your clients.
  • Your agency can white label our software to create a brand-consistent experience and provide advanced data and analytics to your clients.

The Value of Working With Lityx

  • Improve the value you provide to clients and improve your service with enterprise-grade analytics capabilities.
  • Increase profitability by increasing your output without an increase in overhead and headcount.
  • Work smarter. With increased efficiency and innovation you’ll have more time to focus on building stronger relationships and establishing your agency as a trusted resource.

Partner success working with Lityx chart

To learn more about how Lityx can work with your agency, set up a complementary consultation.