While only four percent of CIOs have deployed meaningful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, 46 percent are planning to adopt AI-supported approaches, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey

The signs are clear—AI is now an integral part of business operations.

LityxIQ 5.0, the latest release of Lityx’ data analytics platform combines powerful AI tools with full-cycle machine learning to simplify how all kinds of business users—not just data scientists—generate critical business insights using AI.

The updated platform empowers your full team through the democratization of advanced analytics. Below, are details on LityxIQ’s newest features enables.

Build Complex Automated Analytic Workflows with No Coding

LityxIQ 5.0 is an AI visualization tool that enables easy-to-build representations of machine learning and data intelligence processes. Building the workflows is simple and makes models and data processing accessible and understandable for management or anyone on the team.

Create Automated Machine Learning Models on Large Datasets

The improved platform allows users to quickly and easily operationalize models for a variety of business objectives such as:

  • Reducing churn
  • Increasing customer value
  • Managing risk
  • Understanding attribution

In LityxIQ, AI models are built with point-and-click ease and advanced data scientists enjoy access to a wide variety of algorithms and more detailed options if desired. 

Decision Optimization Tightly Integrated with AI

LityxIQ 5.0 is unique among advanced machine learning tools in its integration of ML and AI with mathematical optimization and operations research models. Like everything else in LityxIQ, optimization techniques such as mixed-integer programming can be accomplished with no coding required. 

These techniques enable business decisions to be fully optimized based on AI outputs while also accounting for complex business constraints such as budget, resources, diversity goals, and even KPI targets.

Tight Integrations and Connections to Data Sources

LityxIQ 5.0 connects to data sources including Snowflake, the only data warehouse built for the cloud. LityxIQ can automate the entire analytic process, receiving data from Snowflake, running machine learning (ML) models, addressing business goals with constrained optimization scenarios, and delivering the results to Snowflake where users gain insights and make business decisions using their favorite BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI.

The platform also comes ready to go with built-in integrations for accessing organizational data from trusted source systems like Redshift, SQL Server, Azure, S3, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. 

Release at a Glance

Overall, LityxIQ 5.0 provides users access to faster, repeatable, and scalable advanced analytics. The time to prepare data, build and operationalize a model, and integrate with corporate goals through decision optimization is reduced significantly.  Implementing the full analytics lifecycle is easy.

But the biggest advantage of LityxIQ is the democratization of data and advanced analytics. More than ever, the platform simplifies decision making across the entire data analytics team. Because it requires no coding, non-data scientists can contribute to key analytics goals, while data scientists can do their jobs more efficiently by building more models in a shorter timeframe.

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