LityxIQ Release 4.0 offers an even more powerful analytics solution

Wilmington, DE: LityxIQ release 4.0, brings increased functionality and processing speed to a platform already known for its ease of use in data blending, predictive analytics, machine learning, and decision optimization.  With most advanced analytics software platforms, advanced analytics is out of reach for many marketers and business analysts due to a lack of technical programming and statistical skills. LityxIQ 4.0 extends functionality that provides both business users and advanced data scientists the means to easily perform advanced analytics on big data to increase the ROI of their business.

“Our goal continues to be extending advanced analytics to a broader, less technical, user-base. With our analytics platform, marketers and business practitioners have access to machine learning and mathematical optimization techniques that have historically only been available to software engineers and statisticians. This accessibility will have a positive impact on our clients and their businesses.”

– Paul Maiste, CEO & President.

LityxIQ is an innovative analytics solution that processes complex big data, generates business insights, predicts outcomes, and optimizes marketing investment. Release 4.0 further improves the throughput and automation of complex analytic processes and includes connectivity to a growing list of data sources.

In addition, LityxIQ can now be packaged to deliver vertical point solutions to end-clients or business partners.  For example:

  • Online universities can better manage their recruitment pipeline using predictive outputs, as well optimize their recruitment efforts to increase throughput while controlling or reducing costs.
  • Higher education clients can greatly improve student retention with predictive models and intelligence that helps advisors better understand their needs.
  • Digital marketers can automatically produce and consumer insights from search, display, programmatic, and other online campaigns. Those insights can be turned into decisioning engines by overlaying machine learning and optimization techniques.
  • Retailers can now easily produce optimized direct mail lists that maximize response, profit, or ROI, and track performance of campaigns.


About Lityx: Lityx is an advanced analytics company creating enterprise-grade solutions that help business and technical users easily leverage the power of advanced analytics to achieve deeper insights and increased ROI in a short time.




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