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Lityx offers comprehensive data solutions to help you better understand your customers, enrich your existing data, and reach your most qualified prospects.

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Get to Know Your Customers Better

A Profile report not only provides you with a view of your customers, it illustrates the characteristics that make your customers different from, or similar to, the general population.

Match at broader zip code level, or gain even deeper insights by matching at household level.

  • Define Your Customer
  • Discover New Segments
  • Optimize Marketing Programs
  • Strengthen Merchandising Mix

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Enrich Your Existing Data

Predictive analytics and marketing optimization requires a wealth of data—data that many organizations often don’t have. Our third-party data sources include over 1,000 demographic, behavioral, attitudinal, and distance elements, including individual, household and neighborhood-level data.

  • Apparel

  • Health/Wellness

  • Mail Order

  • Online Purchases

  • Income

  • Net Worth

  • Mortgage Amount

  • Home Value

  • Online Transactor

  • 401K Owners

  • Rewards Card

  • Online Insurance

  • Active Donors
  • Investors
  • Nutrition
  • Travel
  • Age
  • Occupationspan style=”color: #ffffff;”>
  • Children
  • Gender
  • Drive Time
  • Distance
  • Nutrition

Grow your pool of qualified prospects.

You know the characteristics of your customers, but finding potential buyers that match that criteria can be challenging. Our list building services leverage third-party data sources to find look-a-like audiences to reach your most qualified prospects.

How Lityx Grows Your Database

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