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We integrate top-down and bottoms-up media and campaign optimization processes.

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Media Mix Modeling

The top-down optimization is generally solved with media mix modeling approaches. These focus on optimizing budget allocation across all online and offline channels. The result enables an understanding of the effects and elasticity of sales results.

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Multi-Touch Attribution

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Case Studies

Learn how we helped another full-service agency partner that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations implement LityxIQ to increase the number of custom models 3x much more efficiently, decrease annual spend by 70%, mailing fewer pieces at a higher net revenue per donor.

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Learn how we helped two online university programs to achieve 2.5x incremental lift in identifying potential enrollees, increase enrollment potential by 33%, and identified improvements of efficiency of marketing programs and outreach through improved scoring and optimized outreach.

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Combine your strengths with Lityx technology and data experts to optimize your marketing dollars. Our solutions and team can help you spend smarter to deliver the best returns. Learn how we helped one client increased revenue by $4MM from the direct mail channel while decreasing cost per opportunity by 50% for an 18x ROI increase.

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Campaign Optimization

We bring everything together to perform channel and campaign optimization down to the individual level. For example, we can optimize campaign offer decisions so that each prospect receives the offer that maximizes their potential lifetime value. This can depend on cadence, timing, channel. And other dimensions of the campaign or offer as well.

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