3 ways insurers are using predictive analytics to grow

By Rob Bhatt, contributing writer for Dig-in.com

No one can predict the future, but the business model of insurance has always been about making the best-educated guesses possible. Insurers’ bread and butter depends on accurately assessing the risk level of prospective clients and adjusting their eligibility, premium rates and coverage allowances accordingly. In other words, the success of an insurance business depends on, essentially, a bet — so making predictions based on analysis has always been a key strategy in the industry.


Top benefits of predictive analytics in healthcare

By Editorial Staff, contributing writers for Healthitanalytics.com

Predictive analytics in healthcare plays a major role in improving care delivery and patient outcomes. By leveraging historical data, this type of analytics allows health systems to gauge what’s likely to happen in the future, both from an operational and clinical perspective.


How symmetry comes to the aid of machine learning

By Steve Nadis, contributing writer for News.mit.edu

Behrooz Tahmasebi — an MIT PhD student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and an affiliate of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) — was taking a mathematics course on differential equations in late 2021 when a glimmer of inspiration struck. In that class, he learned for the first time about Weyl’s law, which had been formulated 110 years earlier by the German mathematician Hermann Weyl. Tahmasebi realized it might have some relevance to the computer science problem he was then wrestling with, even though the connection appeared — on the surface — to be thin, at best. Weyl’s law, he says, provides a formula that measures the complexity of the spectral information, or data, contained within the fundamental frequencies of a drum head or guitar string.


Florida auto dealer uses predictive analytics to tailor customer experience

By Autobody News Staff, contributing writers for Autobodynews.com

A new partnership between automotiveMastermind, a data and technology provider in the automotive industry, and MorganAutomotive Group, one of the nation’s largest auto dealer groups, aims to integrate automotiveMastermind’s technology and Polk Automotive Solutions‘ data services into Morgan’s extensive dealership network throughout Florida, promising to redefine the consumer experience with advanced predictive analytics.


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