Machine learning improves Hawai’i rainfall mapping

By Maria Dumanlang, contributing writer for

Rainfall map accuracy is vital in climate and hydraulic modeling and supports environmental management decision making, water resource planning and weather forecasting. University of Hawaiʻi and East-West Center researchers have developed more accurate monthly rainfall maps by using machine learning. They used a machine learning technique to detect erroneous rainfall maps. The results of this study were recently published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology.


How to elevate your use of data analytics

By William McKnight, contributing writer for

Enterprises from every industry and at every scale are working to leverage data to achieve their strategic objectives — whether those are to become more profitable, effective, risk tolerant, prepared, sustainable, and/or adaptable in an ever-changing world. An enterprise’s analytics must grow at pace with the business and its needs to achieve agility and resilience. Otherwise, it will be hamstrung or tripped up.


AI, predictive analytics top list of hot bank tech

By Anirban Ghoshal, a contributing writer for

Artificial intelligence, machine learning (a subset of AI), and predictive analytics top the list of hot, planned technology investments for banks in 2022, due to their ability to aid strategic business decision-making, help build applications that can serve customers in a personalized manner, and drive revenue growth, according to market research firm Forrester.


Key benefits of predictive analytics for businesses?

By Daniel Shearly, contributing writer for

The use of data analytics in business today remains fragmented for many reasons. Some of these are the sheer quantity and quality of data needed, the high level of technology investment, skill required and the fact you need a leap of faith to believe a calculated algorithmic or AI-based insight.


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