Learn 5 ways industrial AI is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Plus, see why performance intelligence will be critical in a post-pandemic environment. Also, how one healthcare organization is using machine learning to significantly reduce readmissions. Plus, SEO is going AI.

5 Ways Industrial AI Revolutionizes Manufacturing 

By Intraratio Corp, contributing writer for Iotforall.com 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is most commonly applied in manufacturing to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and first-pass yield in production. Over time, manufacturers can use AI to increase uptime and improve quality and consistency, allowing for better forecasting. 


Connecting data, artificial intelligence and human insight 

By Rebecca Gibson, contributing writer for Technologyrecord.com 

Kim Custeau, senior vice president of asset performance management and manufacturing execution systems at AVEVA, explains why performance intelligence will be critical in a post-pandemic industrial world that demands organisations develop a high level of agility, sustainability, and resilience. 


Northwell Health uses machine learning to reduce readmissions by nearly 24%  

By Bill Siwicki, contributing writer for Healthcareitnews.com 

Reducing readmissions is a major focus for healthcare organizations operating under value-based care contracts. 

Clinicians at Northwell Health, the largest healthcare provider in New York State, are applying clinical artificial intelligence to augment their post-discharge workflows and have reduced readmissions by 23.6%. The clinicians studied clinical AI stratified patients for their risk of readmissions, identified the clinical and nonclinical factors driving their risk, and recommended targeted outreach and interventions to reduce patient risk. 


Artificial Intelligence in SEO – Search Engine optimization 

By Unique Trainings, contributing writer for How2shout.com 

In the latest conducted poll of more than 200 SEO professionals and digital marketers, and one question was asked who uses SEO tactics and insights in the organizations. The answer was, in general, every content or demand generation marketing discipline uses SEO insights to some extent in their work.  


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