AI and machine learning in marketing: Are you deploying the right models?

By Theresa Kushner, contributing writer for

Now that consumers expect speed and hyper-personalization in all things, marketers have to find innovative ways to meet demands and maximize their budgets. To do this, marketers are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, there is a new term just for this – “AI Marketing.”


How big data analytics can support preventive health

By Shania Kennedy, contributing writer for

The healthcare sector is an increasingly complex system that incorporates various stakeholders outside of clinicians and patients. This complexity generates significant amounts of data across the continuum of care. To promote health outcomes and prevent disease, this data must be collected, stored, shared, and analyzed effectively. But the sheer amount of data makes this a formidable challenge.


How to use predictive analytics to improve customer experiences

By Andrey Koptelov, a contributing writer for

It’s been a long time since companies discovered that superior customer experience (CX) is a critical factor in gaining a competitive advantage. Striving to win customers’ hearts, organizations are continuously trying to innovate and come up with new sophisticated CX strategies.


8 examples of how brands have used machine learning to inspire digital marketers

By Kaitie Frank, contributing writer for

Machine learning is all the rage but what does it actually look like in practice, as part of a digital marketing strategy?


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