New machine learning model spots rare minerals on Earth and other planets

By Loukia Papadopoulos, contributing writer for

Scientists have invented a machine learning model that can predict the locations of minerals on Earth, and even other planets, by taking advantage of patterns in mineral associations.


How to harmonize human creativity with machine learning

By Ron Carucci, contributing writer for

With the rise of machine learning tools such as ChatGPT, we’ve seen a lot of speculation regarding what that looks like for the future of human creativity in the workplace and elsewhere.


How food delivery apps benefit from big data analytics

By Neha Malhotra, contributing writer for

The online food ordering trend is becoming more advanced in today’s digital ecosystem. Essentially, food delivery apps have become a consistent part of our everyday lifestyle. As a result, businesses are rapidly investing vast amounts in big data analytics. Basically, Big data boosts business strategy based on gathering data.


The rise of intelligent procurement: leveraging AI to drive innovation

By Konstantin von Bueren, contributing writer for

In large enterprises, the procurement function is responsible for sourcing and managing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right price. These are processes that account for costs that often make up 50% of a company’s revenue; for example, a procurement team of a company with €6B in revenue will manage approximately €3B in costs that go through the procurement process.


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