In this week’s roundup, artificial intelligence (AI) is now powering tools to serve food and apply makeup. We look at how the fintech and media industries are seeing positive impacts from incorporating AI. Lastly, we explore several subsets of machine learning models. 

AI Robots Serve Restaurant Customers in South Korea

By Jung Yoon Kim, contributing writer for

Contactless menus and food delivery have become the new norm during the coronavirus pandemic, but one burger restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, is taking the trend a step further. While hidden humans perform tasks such as adding toppings to the food, the buns and burgers are automatically cooked to order via smart machines. And, customers only see and interact with AI-powered robots—bearing resemblance to Minions—that bring their orders out to a waiting area.  


Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services: Applications and Benefits of AI in Finance

By Alicia Phaneuf, contributing writer for

AI is upending the traditional ways and financial institutions and consumers control their finances. Consumer banks, for example, are increasingly offering round-the-clock access to financial accounts and even wealth management solutions. AI is also the engine behind fraud protection, identifying suspicious transactions, and notifying customers via text message. 


Five Machine Learning Algorithms Entrepreneurs Should Understand

By Antoine Tardif, contributing writer for

Machine learning (ML) encompasses several subsets of technologies. One of the more familiar is deep learning, but others, such as reinforcement learning, are less known. In this technology, the AI receives a “reward” for correctly performing tasks. It becomes slightly better each time it completes the task—so perhaps it’s not a surprise that reinforcement learning was used to defeat the world’s reigning human Go champion. Another under-the-radar ML technology is federated learning, in which decentralized devices help train a central model. One interesting application for this is the ability of hospitals to share health data without the usual privacy concerns. 


Skin Care and Makeup Get the High-Tech Treatment

By Jessica Cruel, contributing writer for

From better sleep to cleaner teeth, AI technologies are beginning to appear in the beauty and wellness industry. One application that caught our eye is the development of AI makeup artists. These futuristic at-home assistants will have the ability to scan a person’s face, select the ideal makeup products, and expertly apply them with Hollywood-level perfection. 


How is AI Changing the Media & Entertainment Sector?

By Tripti Rai, contributing writer for

Most people are already interacting with AI on a daily basis, whether it be the personalized recommendations in their Netflix queue or “intelligent” characters in video games. Beyond these everyday applications, AI is helping media and entertainment organizations hyper-target their ideal audiences based on models that have learned with astounding precision exactly what messages to put in front of the right people.


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