This week’s focus is on AI and ML’s impact in the retail space. From personalized pricing to increased employee productivity find out what retailers are learning and how the insights are being applied.

Personalizing Price With AI: How Walmart, Kroger Do It

By Bryan Pearson, contributing writer for

Who invests a database worth of intelligence into the price of a chocolate bar? Turns out, it could be more than half of all retailers.


How eCommerce Shops are Leveraging Machine Learning to Resolve Sizing Issues

By Efrat Vulfsons, contributing writer for

There is no doubt that internet access and adoption have been on the increase; this factor has also enabled online transactions. eCommerce shops are leveraging this shift in buyers’ attitudes to make big gains and relegate brick and mortar to the background.


6 ways AI is changing the retail shopping experience

By Pranay Jain, contributing writer for

Even though it hasn’t been long since Artificial Intelligence (AI) made its foray into the retail segment, the value it has delivered in such a short period has come as a blessing for businesses all over the world.


How AI, real-time technology empower vending, quick-service stores

By Mark Perry, contributing writer for

Vending machines and quick-service stores have always been among the best, most efficient options to quickly grab food and beverage on the go.


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