This week, we learn how Artificial Intelligence Operations can improve data center management. We highlight three ways in which AI can be the social impact tool that charities and nonprofits need in order to succeed. We discuss how to bridge the gap between customer data and analytics through building an AI-powered data management system. And finally, we consider ways to set your organization up for success in the new data economy.  

How AIOps Can Improve Data Center Management

by Albert A. Ahdoot, contributor for

Emerging technologies are causing enterprise data centers to become much more complex. An exciting new trend called Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) provides much needed IT support so that the team can manage their facilities effectively. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and visualization, AIOps enables automation of administrative tasks, a reduction of unnecessary alerts, and early identification of anomalies.


AI Can Be the Social Impact Tool all Charities and Nonprofits Need

by Jake Croman, contributing writer for

According to Salesforce research, nonprofit trends indicate that the use of AI in the sector is expected to grow 361 percent in the next two years. AI and its machine learning applications are proving their profound digital influence can help us transform our lives—and surprisingly even provide us with a sense of humanity. There are three significant ways in which charities can optimize and expand upon their communities and provide better operational strategies. Learn how.


How To Bridge The Gap Between Customer Data And Analytics 

by Abhi Yadav, contributing writer for

Businesses large and small have an enormous amount of data. Despite the availability of this data, insight is lacking. There’s just too much volume, velocity, and variability of data to stay on top of it. The quality of data is often lacking and tends to end up siloed, making it nearly impossible to derive actionable insights. The key is setting your strategy, building an AI-powered system, and implementing the tools that will bridge the gap between data and analytics.


Excelling in the New Data Economy

by MIT Technology Review Insights, sponsored content for 

Data is today’s currency. In fact, the sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes last year to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Harnessing that data presents enormous opportunity. To prepare for this future, companies must reimagine data management tactics and technologies that will allow them to manage this influx of information. Data management practices are imperative for ensuring data is reliable and to turn it into a competitive advantage. Read the full report to learn how to excel in this new data economy.



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