This week, we explore how CRM powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can drive empathy in customer experiences. We consider the reliability, value, and how to best use chatbots effectively. We share how AI fundraising platforms can quickly and cost-effectively find more qualified donors and we provide a list of the top seven AI TED talks to watch. And finally, we learn about what a Net Promoter Score is and why it’s important.

Can AI-powered CRM Drive Empathy in Customer Experiences?

by Brent Leary, guest author for

Brent Leary has attended 16 CRM conferences in 2019. A clear theme that has bubbled up at these events is artificial empathy. It’s hard to keep people’s attention long enough to build long, fruitful customer relationships, and companies that can leverage empathy at scale increase their odds of success. But it may not stop at enabling human empathy with AI and automated processes. AI may also lead to creating empathy in addition to scaling what’s already inherently there. Read more about Leary’s conversations with industry professionals on this emerging theme within the realm of AI. 


Chatbots Should Be Your Most Reliable ‘Employee’

by Raj Patil, contributing writer

Chatbots are an increasingly important tool for many industries. It allows organizations of all sizes to field customer requests and questions 24/7. Through the combined power of AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML), these robots can serve as reliable “employees” and deliver a great customer experience if used correctly. Here are five key steps to help elevate and influence customer journeys and build strong relationships with audiences through the use of chatbots.


Can Artificial Intelligence Really Accelerate Your Nonprofit’s Mission?

by Shawn Olds, contributing writer for 

With AI fundraising platforms, you can spend less time and money finding more qualified donors within minutes. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. There are organizations already tapping into this technology and getting impressive results. AI fundraising platforms can align your organization with individuals who are most likely to resonate with your mission, and thus, are more likely to donate. Learn how and get real-world examples in this insightful article. 


7 Must-See TED Talks On AI And Machine Learning

by Nicole Martin, contributing writer for

The amount of conversation and information surrounding AI and ML today can be a little overwhelming. It’s hard to consistently stay on top of it all. One of our favorite ways to do so is through the insightful and fascinating TED talks from some of the top minds in the industry. From strengths to challenges, to future possibilities on where the technology can go, here are seven of the best AI and ML TED talks you should watch to ensure you’re up-to-speed on the powerful technology.


How Does Prioritizing Net Promoter Score and Customer Experience Drive Revenue?

by Chiradeep BasuMallick, contributing writer for

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) provide insight into customer sentiment, satisfaction, and pain points. How is this used? Marketers can then deploy targeted campaigns and strategies in order to increase profitability for every customer, using this information as a guide to areas that need focus. In this article, learn three tips to improve NPS to achieve higher profitability. You’ll also learn about real examples of how brands use NPS data to rethink their campaigns. 



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