In this week’s roundup, we look at two ways the coronavirus is affecting marketers and advertising, what nonprofits need to do to get ready for a big day of fundraising, and why automation and artificial intelligence are increasingly important in these changing times.

We Will Need All the Automation We Can Get

by David Moschella, contributing writer for

Automation powered by AI and now coronavirus has long created fears that machines will take people’s jobs. And now that the coronavirus pandemic has created mass unemployment, some are even more fearful. But Moschella argues that this time in history provides an extraordinary opportunity to welcome automation into our workforce and understand that automation will create new, although different jobs for humans. He points out that the industrial revolution was frightening for some workers, but ultimately it led to a booming economy filled with new jobs. 


How is COVID-19 Impacting Advertising, Marketing and Media?

by  Philip Smolin, contributing writer for

Few—if any—businesses are unaffected by COVID-19. So, how are advertisers and media feeling the impact and what steps should they be taking now? This shift to digital content means media producers need to pivot even more quickly to delivering excellent online experiences. And while some traditional advertising space has disappeared, the increase in online impressions and TV streaming-service use means advertisers can still find plenty of places to advertise. Yet, as they do, they need to research and consider consumer sentiment to be sure their messages positively resonate. 


3-Week Countdown to #GivingTuesdayNow

by Laurence Pagnoni, contributing writer for

On May 5, nonprofits will engage in the traditional day of #GivingTuesday (called #GivingTuesdayNow this year due to COVID-19). With three weeks left to plan, nonprofits need to make sure they’re ready for this online event. Make sure you have a plan for your landing page, a good story for why potential donors should give, and a reliable, mobile-optimized giving platform in place. 


Calling on AI and Quantum Computing to Fight the Coronavirus

by Gil Press, contributing writer for

Human researchers are looking toward artificial intelligence and supercomputers to generate high-value information about the COVID-19 pandemic. As more data is gathered machine-assisted modeling is increasingly important in fighting the spread of the virus and in developing treatments and vaccines. Additionally, several organizations are looking farther into the future and are already thinking about how AI can help prevent future pandemics from happening.


Social Distancing and Why It Presents an Opportunity for Marketers

by Yuval Ben Itzhak, contributing writer for

During social distancing, people have been using social media more than ever before. Yet marketers have reduced their social media advertising budgets. While understandable in the face of economic uncertainty, this is actually a huge opportunity for marketers to reach consumers on social media. Even for businesses that are closed for the time being, staying in front of their customers now means they will emerge from this crisis in a better position than those who pull their advertising. 



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